Zoom Art Parties

Zoom Art Parties

Want to bridge the distance gap and take your virtual face time to a whole new level? Whether its 6ft of social distance or across state lines, our private Zoom Art Parties are a great way to engage in an art activity with a select group of your favorite people.

For kids parties, we will work with you to select a theme and an age appropriate project that is exciting and novel. We’ll procure the materials and put the art kits together with everything a little artist will need to participate in our open ended art invitation. We also provide shipping or local delivery (in Charlestown) for an additional fee.

We also host adult art parties (ladies nights in, family activities, couples paint nights, etc.) and provide the full range of services from concept to execution.

A healthy lead time is about 4-6 weeks to plan a party. You can contact us at hello@essemartstudio.com for more information and to discuss the scope of your ideas.

🌈 Let us help you celebrate your special occasion with joy and art!


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