〰️ FLOW Exhibit

〰️ FLOW Exhibit


I’m super excited to announce my first show at SOWA Boston at Claire Carino Contemporary. Our opening reception is next Friday (at SOWA’s First Friday, 6-8PM), and I wanted to share the happy news and to extend an invitation to you all to view my new collection, FLOW.

Thank you for all of your support in my journey as an artist and small business owner. I am so blessed to be a part of this lovely community and to do the thing that I love to do most… make art and inspire others to do the same.

Claire Carino Contemporary is proud to announce a collaboration long in the making with Boston-based artist and creator, Sophia Moon. FLOW is a series of abstract works that lean into the spontaneity of mingling water, paint and ink on Aquabord. Moon embraces exploration and play, as well as the unpredictability of fluid mediums that create a symphony of colors, layers and marks. As we reemerge from a global pandemic that rocked routines, lives and systems in catastrophic ways, FLOW is about finding the humanity, grace and beauty in uncertainty.

Redfin: 14 Projects You Can Do At Home

Redfin: 14 Projects You Can Do At Home

home activities

Hey Studio Families, A couple months ago RedFin asked Essem Art Studio to contribute a project idea for a blog post featuring projects you can do at home with your littles and display with pride. So, I shared one of my all time favorites, a Mixed Media Heart Collage Project that is sure to spark joy and brighten up the walls of your lovely home. What I love most about this particular project is that you can use whatever materials you have on hand, it’s possible to do this project with artists as little as 12 months old (with a co-creating adult) and it is just a joyful and engaging process. Here’s how you can do this project at home.

Step 1: Fill one side of watercolor or mixed media paper with abstract marks, shapes, and colors using different materials (crayons, pastels, color pencils, watercolors). Mix and match materials to create great textures and patterns.

Step 2: Once the page is filled with colors, let it dry (if applicable), then flip the page over and draw heart outlines of all sizes. Cut out all the hearts.

Step 3: Choose a sheet of construction paper to match your décor or find a color that compliments your heart cutouts. Arrange the hearts and glue them down.

If you would like to display in a shadow box display, you can let the hearts come off the page for a 3D effect. Beautiful!!!

You can check out the article for even more great curated ideas as we embark on a new year – one that I hope is filled with more love, more joy, and lots of creative energy! Click to read article.

Moms Art Night Materials

Moms Art Night Materials

Moms Art Night Resources

Can I just say, how excited I am to grow our Moms Art Night?!?! Beyond thrilled! It’s been on my heart and mind for a very long time and we’re off to a great start. To that end, I am sharing some great starter watercolor/art materials for my mom friends who want to go beyond plundering their kids art supplies. Here are some basic materials I’ve compiled:

Great Starter Paint set: Watercolor set with brushes included (haven’t used this one yet, but have heard great things about it.)

Higher end Paint set: Watercolor Pan Professional (I use this brand and I really enjoy it. The price point is a little higher but if you want to treat yourself, these go a long way.)

Brush Set: Princeton Brush Set

Watercolor Pad OR Watercolor Sketchbook: A good watercolor or mixed media paper is critical since the paper needs to be able to stand up to all the moisture. Sketchbook or Pad is up to your preference. 🙂

Additional materials you can plunder from your kids art supplies or the pantry: crayons, glue, salt, rubbing alcohol, pencils

So excited to create with fellow moms regularly!!! ♥️

Our “Go To” Kids Art Materials…

Our “Go To” Kids Art Materials…

Resources home activities

It’s easy to become overwhelmed with all of the art supplies to sort through to build your at home studio for your little artists. So, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite “go-to” kids art supplies for you from a variety of suppliers. We use these materials for our virtual art labs and keep these in stock at home at all times.

If you are just starting to introduce art materials at home, you can also purchase Curated Essem Art Starter Boxes for toddlers (18+ months) and little artists (3+) in our shop. Our curated boxes have a wide selection of starter materials for you to explore with your artists at home.

Tempera Paint Stickslove the buttery rich texture of paint sticks for layering and cardboard crafts.

Watercolorsthe fluid and free blending nature of watercolors can be so much fun.

Tempera Paints – basic tempera paints for

Color Pencilsthese pencils are water soluble and they are dynamic to use as dry/wet medium.

Oil Pastelsthese are water soluble pastels which also make them dynamic as a wet/dry medium while being super rich in texture.

CrayonsThe twist crayons are great for avoiding broken crayons and come in some super fun colors. 

Toddler CrayonsEgg shaped crayons are perfect for little hands to explore mark making.

Paint BrushesThis set of brushes is a great starter set for little artists. 

Scissorsthese are blunt tipped kids scissors great for small hands. 

Toddler ScissorsThese toddler scissors are great as starters, super safe

Glue Sticks 

Tacky Glue


Mixed Media Paper – this sturdy paper holds up so well for various projects including water based projects and also layered craft projects

Construction Paper – love the colors of this construction paper… this paper stands out against the typical bland construction paper

Origami Paper – this colorful variety of paper and paterns is dynamic for adding colors and textures with any and all projects.


Some of our favorite crafting materials are: Foam Stickers, Boogly Eyes, Buttons, Rhinestones, Pom Poms (large and small).



Zoom Art Parties

Zoom Art Parties

creative play home activities zoom art party

Want to bridge the distance gap and take your virtual face time to a whole new level? Whether its 6ft of social distance or across state lines, our private Zoom Art Parties are a great way to engage in an art activity with a select group of your favorite people.

For kids parties, we will work with you to select a theme and an age appropriate project that is exciting and novel. We’ll procure the materials and put the art kits together with everything a little artist will need to participate in our open ended art invitation. We also provide shipping or local delivery (in Charlestown) for an additional fee.

We also host adult art parties (ladies nights in, family activities, couples paint nights, etc.) and provide the full range of services from concept to execution.

A healthy lead time is about 4-6 weeks to plan a party. You can contact us at hello@essemartstudio.com for more information and to discuss the scope of your ideas.

🌈 Let us help you celebrate your special occasion with joy and art!


Newly Minted Toddler Art Box

Newly Minted Toddler Art Box

art box
Purchase Art Box $79


Newly minted toddlers are curious and ready to explore. Our Art Box for your newly minted toddlers contains great materials for exploring with your tiny artist – egg shaped (break free) crayons, drawing pad, fun colored papers perfect for cut and collage projects, and super fun crafting materials.

This Art Box includes one month Essem Insider access, which includes toddler specific projects and ideas for you to explore with your little artist!



Essem Budding Artist Box (3+)

Essem Budding Artist Box (3+)

art box
Purchase Art Box $119


Use Discount Code 2NDARTBOX for $40 off a second/sibling Art Box!

Let us help you save time and gain peace of mind with our carefully curated Essem Budding Artist Box. This Art Box contains a wide variety of our favorite “go to” art supplies for artists 3+. The possibilities for creativity and self expression are endless with this box of curated materials – Paint sticks, Watercolor, Scissors, Glue, Tempera Paints, mixed media paper, water soluble color pencils, a sampling of super fun craft materials and more!

These boxes are carefully and lovingly curated. Limited Supply available.

Includes one month pass to ESSEM INSIDER and enjoy unlimited access to our growing virtual Art Vault for projects to do at home AND you will enjoy INSIDER discounts to our live virtual events.



Essem Art Club

Essem Art Club

Virtual Art Lab community home activities

(ages 3+) Tuesday and Saturdays, every other week via ZOOM.
Drop-in Fee: $15/ per family | ESSEM INSIDERS: FREE

Gather your art/craft materials and join us for some creative fun. We encourage artists to get creative and use the materials available at home! Let’s explore contemporary styles of art and creative expression; experiment in different art styles, and cultivate creative confidence through open discussions and promoting mindfulness and healthy creative habit.

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